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ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Area.


American Bureau of Shipping. US based classification society for merchant ships and marine systems.


Please refer Amendment.

Act of God

A natural event beyond human control which may result in the damage of property or loss of life, such as flooding, earthquake, lightning, etc.

Ad Valoren

Meaning ‘according to value’, it is the chargeable tax based on the value of goods or property.


Short for Freight Agent, it is a person, company or business that acts for or represents another with authority to direct the transport of goods and submit associated paperwork.


Approved Transitional Facilities - Containment areas or warehouses approved by New Zealand MPI to hold and manage imported goods that are considered a biosecurity risk or hazard, such as plant materials, used machinery, sea containers, etc.

Agency Fee

Sometimes referred to as an Attendance Fee, the Agency Fee represents freight related charges while the ship is at port.

Aggregated Coal

Varieties of coal blended together.


American Institute of Merchant Shipping.


An amendment or addendum is an additional requirement or modification made to a document (such as a Booking Confirmation) following publication or printing.


Arrival Notification Form abbreviation, advising consignees of goods that are due to arrive soon.


Association of Ships’ Agents & Brokers.


Association of Shipping Lines.

ATA Carnet

International customs documentation granting temporary importation of goods without payment of otherwise applicable duties and taxes.

Athens Convention

An international convention governing the carriage of passengers and their luggage by sea including liability.

Attendance Fee

Please refer Agency Fee.


A measurement of petroleum output, B/D or BPD refers to the number of barrels produced per day (barrels per day).


Abbreviation for Bill of Lading. Please refer Bill of Lading.


Bunker Adjustment Factor. Floating sea freight charges accounting for oil price fluctuations.

Bagged Cargo

Also called a breakbulk, bagged cargo refers to various commodities that are commonly packed in sacks or bags, such as grain, sugar, cement, etc.


A series of bars and spaced which represent data relating to an object, product or freight consignment.

Bareboat Charter

A hired or chartered vessel agreement which excludes running expenses (ie crew and provisions).


A flat-bottom boat commonly used to transport cargo and goods across rivers, canals or other protected waterways.


Also referred to as breadth, the beam is the width of a vessel at its widest point.


Allotted wharf docking area for a vessel.

Bill Of Lading

The Bill of Lading is a legal document and receipt cataloguing goods for shipment and carriage contract terms.


Baltic and International Maritime Council.

B/L Ton

Also referred to as Freight Ton, B/L Ton is the greater measurement or weight of cargo where one tonne is either 1,000 kg or one cubic metre.


Also referred to as a Booking Request, a booking is a schedule order made in advance to transport goods and cargo.

Booking Confirmation

Document confirming freight is reserved for shipment at appointed place and date.


Also referred to as BOP, B/P is an acronym for balance of payments.


Please refer Beam.


Cargo that is not shipped in shipping containers.

Breakbulk Vessel

A general or multipurpose cargo ship which typically carries freight of various or non-uniform sizes.


The front end of a ship.


Cargo commodities transported in loose, unpacked or large quantities and stored in the hull of a vessel (or cargo hold), such as gravel, grain ore or oils.

Bulk Carrier

Also referred to as bulk freighter, bulk broker or bulker, a bulk carrier is a ship specifically designed to transport bulk commodity cargoes such as coal, cement, diesel, etc. Such goods are stored in the vessel’s cargo hold.


A wall within the hull of a ship used to partition compartments for functional, safety and structural purposes.

Bunker Surcharge

Please refer BAF.